Our aim is to enable institutions to reach the target audience quickly by using mobile devices.

On iOS for iPhone and iPad, On Android for Android phones and tablets,Huawei phones and tablets, Are included to the range of devices for which we provide native applications.

Corporate Applications

  • The services institutions provide becomes accessible to customers via smartphones and tablet computers. Mobile applications are provided the ease of learning due payments, nearest kiosk, application center through this applications. Also, the users may be able to file a complaint by sending a video or picture.

Mobile Busines Intelligence Applications

Created to combine business intelligence, corporate performance management and business analytics. Dashboard is a full-featured business intelligence system that suits midsize and enterprise-level companies in a variety of different industry segments.

Enhanced Magazine And Newstand Application

  • Your periodic publications for various platforms are enhanced with pictures, video, sounds and music.Custom animations are designed for cover and a unique artwork is done for each publication.

Enriched Books And Library

  • Your books are improved by adding pictures, sounds, videos and music. We cand ecelop library application and ensure the installation of books on user devices.

Augmented Reality (AR) Application

  • AR application allows users to activate the camera of the mobile devices and interact with the landmarks around them (buildings, places of importance, historic structures) and receive customized information in the form of text, picture, voice or video.

Mobile Games

At EDS Informatics, we develop games that enable children to learn and have fun simultaneously. We build and develop gamestailored for the needs of the corporations.