Thanks to the portal solutions we offer as EDS Bilişim, your work will become much more efficient.

As the technology developed forward, internet has become an indispensable part of a vast portion of the public.Younger population has begun to stream and receive all forms of media such as reading newspapers, watching movies and TV series through internet ans especially via smartphones and tablet computers.  This ever growing mass of young users are not accessible through de facto methods of advertising.Since mobile devices have taken their place in our social lives permanently, isolated social areas came into being designed specifically for this audience.

As EDS Informatics:

  • On iOS for iPhone and iPad,
  • On Android for Android phones and tablets,
  • Huawei phones and tablets,
  • Are included to the range of devices for which we provide native applications.

Our Portal Products

  • Mobile Compatible Web Portal
  • Municipality Corporate Web Portal
  • E-Government Portal
  • Sharing Site
  • E-Hospital Portal
  • E-Kobi Portal
  • E-Commerce Portal
  • Corporate Portal
  • Social Responsibility Portal

How Do I Own a Website?

  • First of all, what will you use the web portal for, what are your requests. Then call us.
  • Let's get information about your wishes and purpose of use.
  • You can manage your website.
  • Let us reflect your wishes to the design with our imagination.
  • Let's turn the design into a portal that suits you best and is comfortable to use for your visits.
  • Let's enter your content, test it and deliver it.